The Approach

Crafting the FInest

We take great pride in crafting the finest furniture, creating pieces that extend the PHILOSOPHY of FInest British Craftsmanship

There are varying techniques and materials involved in the crafting process. Here at Chesterfields of Mayfair there are two fundamental elements to creating a piece of furniture: aesthetic and crafting. Both will ensure timeless elegance and outstanding quality.


Hand Made In England

Our luxurious collection is a very bespoke service. Starting literally with a piece of solid wood, our story begins here. This means that you can have as much – or as little – creative freedom as you wish with your piece(s). Whether it’s the colour, leather, deep buttons, cushioned seats, a flared arm, castor feet, or stud detailing, the answer is always yes! Chesterfields of Mayfair sofas are crafted with you in mind.

chesterfield sofa

chesterfield sofa

Not just a piece of furniture but a piece of history.

Many Chesterfield sofas still circulate today that are in excess of 100 years old, and the reason behind this is the crafting…our pieces are complete testaments of these historical antiques and it’s this charming philosophy that makes them the envy above all other sofas.

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